Our 10+ Service

1. Provide you with 10+ customer service during the entire buying process

2. Two Professionals working on your behalf instead of one

3. Research properties for you based on the criteria supplied to ensure you make the right informed decisions

4. You will be provided with a list of properties that fall within your requested price range, preferred square footage, location, amount of bedrooms/bathrooms, construction/age of building, etc. 

5. Organize and schedule your home search process

6. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs

7. Provide you with ongoing updates on available homes

8. Help you compare homes and make a decision

9. Advise you on the terms and issues of the offer and ensure the contracts are legal and enforceable

10. Present your offer and negotiate on your behalf

11. Coordinate and supervise the preparation of all closing documents and guide you through the closing process

12. Help you resolve any closing issues

13. Coordinate move-in and assist with any post-closing issues