Buying-Do You Need A Realtor?

Using a Realtor during the buying process does not cost the buyer anything, it's the seller that pays the commission. 

Saving the commission crosses the minds of many sellers - unfortunately for the seller, it also crosses the minds of many buyers and their offers will reflect this. If you are considring selling your home without the services of a professional REALTOR®, you should be aware of the following statistics.

  • For Sale By Owner homes, on the average, net less than homes listed with a professional REALTOR®

  • Only about 1 out of 20 For Sale By Owner homes actually sell!

  • Within 90 days, over 90% of For Sale By Owners decide to list with a professional REALTOR®

If Buying;

A REALTOR® will help you determine what you can afford and what kind of home will  best suit your needs.

A REALTOR® will then provide you with a list of homes for sale that are in your price range and possess all the qualities you require.

A REALTOR® saves you a lot of running around and wasted time by providing you with a list of quality homes and securing appointments to view them.

A REALTOR® has a wealth of information on everything from financing to amenities within the community.

A REALTOR® will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the best possible price. 

Once you have made the exciting decision to buy a home, careful research is a must. A checklist listing all needs and wants in a home will help you get started and make your search a lot easier.  Having an agent asking the right questions on your behalf and working with your protection in mind is the simplest and safest way to guide you through the home buying process.